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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A certificate of appreciation that I cherish.

Deepankar...the translation workshop.

by: vikash bhattacharya (on: Aug 11, 2014)
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Indian languages are so rich and diverse in their poetic output that it is admittedly impossible to represent every trend, of theme and form. The themes taken up by the poets range from nature, love and death to caste, class and gender oppression. The passage from Modernism to post-Modernism here is as hard to detect and define as was the earlier passage from Romanticism to Modernism ; however, the endeavor put in by Deepankar Chaudhary at conceptualizing the issue is far beyond a poet's imagination.

I understand the inherent difficulties that Deepankar must have faced in producing faithful echoes of Hindi and Bangla poems in English which has a different ethos, culture, music, syntax, tradition and world of associations, however when I read Deepankar, it reveals to me the significance of language kinship in relation to semiotic and stylistic transfer.

Deepankar, some time ago I asked or rather requested you to translate Tagore's AAGUNER PARASMANI, thinking that it would be the toughest challenge you ever faced, but I really didn't know that it is going to be a cakewalk for you. Reading you promises adventure, power, joy, growth and transformation of thoughts.

Deepankar, I wish, the backyard of your poetry always remains flowery and you keep contributing to the rich polyphony of contemporary Indian poetry.

Thank you.
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4 minutes ago
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I do not know if I am worthy of such words and time my friend has put into this writing.

I wish this certificate be posted in my google website of translation.


I also wish that my name may have been spelt correctly as " Deepankar Choudhury."

I, like all authors appreciate my readers.
What can I offer except a mere thanks.


Love & regards. 
4 minutes ago
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Rating: 10
9 minutes ago
He revealed all the beauty of Tagore's poems to us, foreigners. I love and highly appreciate all his translations.
14 minutes ago
Rating: 10
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