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Monday, October 5, 2015

Ya Chandi - Lyrics & Translation


Ya Chandi, Madhu Kaitabhaadi Daitya dalani, 
Ya Mahishshonmoolini,
Ya Dhumekshna Chanda munda Madhani, 
Ya Raktabeejaashani,
Sakthi Sumbha-Nisumbha Daitya dalani, 
Ya Siddhi daatri paraa
Sa Devi Navokoti murti sahita, 
Maa paatu Visweswari.

যা চন্ডী মধুকৈটভাদিদৈত্যদলনী 
যা মাহিষোন্মূলিনী
যা ধূম্রেক্ষণচন্ডমুন্ডমথনী 
যা রক্তবীজাশনী |
যা সিদ্ধিদাত্রী পরা
সা দেবী নবকোটীমূর্তিসহিতা 
মাং পাতু বিশ্বেশ্বরী || 


To the Chandika, The slayer of demons like Madhu and Kaitabha,
To the Chandika, The perpetrator of Mahishashur.
To the Chandika, The executioner of Chanda and Munda at dusk;
To the Chandika, The annihilator of all blood-sucker demons.
To the Chandika, The massacrer of demons Sumbha and Nisumbha.
To the Chandika, The provider of success.
To that Goddess along-with her nine avatars, The ruler of the universe-
Salutations to thee. 

© Translation in English by Deepankar Choudhury. 


1> " Ya " is the phonation of evocation.

2> Chandi or Chandika is the Supreme Goddess, who transcends from the beauteous one to the most powerful one to the ruthless one and vice versa. 

3>  "The great Goddess was born from the energies of the male divinities 
when the gods became impotent in the long-drawn-out battle with the asuras. 
All the energies of the Gods became united and became supernova, 
throwing out flames in all directions. 
Then that unique light, pervading the Three Worlds with its lustre, 
combined into one, and became a female form."

"The Devi projected an overwhelming omnipotence. 
The three-eyed goddess was adorned with the crescent moon. 
Her multiple arms held auspicious weapons and emblems, 
jewels and ornaments, garments and utensils, 
garlands and rosaries of beads, all offered by the gods. 
With her golden body blazing with the splendour of a thousand suns, 
seated on her lion vehicle, 
Chandi is one of the most spectacular of all personifications of Cosmic energy."

Thanks and regards to all.

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