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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hare Murare Madhu Kaitabha Hare-Lyrics & Translation


Hare muraare Madhu KaiTabha haare 
Gopaala Govinda Mukunda shaure 

Pralaya payodhi jale, dhrutavan asi vedam 
vihita vahitra charitram akhedam 
Keshava, dh^Rta mina sharira, Jaya Jagadisha hare 

chalayasi vikramane, balim adbhuta Vamana 
pada nakha nira janita jana pavana 
Keshava, dh^Rta Vamana rupa, Jaya Jagadisha hare 

vitarasi dikshu rane, dik-pati kamaniyam 
dasha-mukha mouli balim ramaniyam 
Keshava, dh^Rta Rama sharira, Jaya Jagadisha hare 

nindasi yajnya vider-ahaha shruti jatam 
sadaya hrudaya darshita pashu ghatam 
Keshava, dh^Rta Buddha sharira, Jaya Jagadisha hare 

mlechcha nivaha nidhane kalayasi karavalam 
dhumaketum iva kimapi karalam 
Keshava, dh^Rta Kalki sharira, Jaya Jagadisha hare 

Lyrics by Jaidev ( Part of Geet Govindam)


O' the player of flute 
the slayer of Madhu & Kaitaba 
fragrances far whose names, Gopala & Govinda 
hail to thee. 
hail to thee.

In the turbulent waters of devastation 
thee the upholder of Vedas 
acting as a boat O'the Fish incarnate 
glory to thee. 

With thou mighty steps 
thee deceive the demon Bali, 
from the nails of thou lotus feet 
by the water (Ganges) that has emanated 
thee deliver all the living beings in this Universe 
O' Wonderful dwarf (Incarnate) homage to thee. 

Thee distribute in all ten directions 
the ten heads of Ravana', 
as pleasant & great offerings to the presiding deities 
O' Rama Incarnate, glory to thee. 

Thee reject the rites performed according to the Vedic rules 
thee denounce the slaughter of speechless animals 
(as per Vedic Scriptures), 
O' Compassionate Buddha Incarnate, homage to thee. 

Thee pick up the sword for annihilating the multitude of wicked & barbarian men 
appearing like a Comet, indescribably & terrifying 
O' Kalki Incarnate, hail to thee. 

© Translation in English by Deepankar Choudhury
1> This is best I could do. Any suggestions to improve upon will be highly appreciated.