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Monday, December 8, 2014

Badol Kalo Ghirlo - Lyrics & Translation


Badol kalo ghirlo go, 
Sob nao tirey eshe bhirlo go 
Guru guru goroje tufan toroje; Sajan amar ghore keno na firilo 

Shon shon bohichhe matal haoa 
Jhonjhon bijuri jeno bhoot e paoa 
Ki je kori eka ghore hai.. 
Dhorfor korey poran jaye 
Baari jhorjhore, Nadi khoro bohe re, Sajan amar ghore keno na firlo 

Uttal tolpaar dulichhe nao. 
Eibaar nodi taye firaye dao. 
Ar nahi taare dibo jete 
Rekhe debo dhore anchol pete 
Ghono ghor adhare, Boshe aachi duaare, Sajon amar ghore keno na firlo


Dark clouds gather, O' dear. 
All boats have hit the shore, O'dear. 
Thunder roars, storm forms; my darling is not yet home, Oh'dear. 

The boozy airs whistle past coasts. 
The lightning strikes like ghosts. 
What shall I do alone in my shelter! 
My heart beats faster and faster in terror. 
Tears shower yet dry is the river, for my darling is not home, Oh' my dear.

The boat rumbles and tumbles fervently 
O' dear river please return him today. 
I'll never allow him to venture further. 
I'll tie him with my scarf forever. 
In this dark hour, I sit at my door, for my darling is not home, Oh' my dear. 

© Translation in English by Deepankar Choudhury.