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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Aar Amare Marishne Maa - Lyrics & Translation


Aar amare marishne maa 
Boli maa tor charan dhore; nani churi aar korbona. 

Nanir jonnyo aaj amare, 
Marli go maa bendhe dhore. 
Daya naayi maa tor antare, swalpeteyi gelo janaa. 

Pore maare porer chhele. 
Kende jeye maake bole. 
Seyi janani nishthoor hole, ke bojhe sishur bedona. 

Chhere de maa haat'er bandhon. 
Jaai je dike jaay dui nayon. 
Porer maa ke dakbo ekhon, tor grihe aar thakbona. 

Je na bojhe chheler bedon. 
Sei chheler maa'r britha jibon. 
Binoy kore Lalon, Kaandchhe se kore karuna. 

আর আমারে মারিস নে মা । 
বলি মা তোর চরণ ধরে ননী চুরি আর করব না ।। 

ননীর জন্যে আজ আমারে 
মারলি গো মা বেঁধে ধরে 
দয়া নাই মা তোর অন্তরে স্বল্পেতে গেল জানা ।। 

পরে মারে পরের ছেলে 
কেঁদে যেয়ে মাকে বলে 
সেই জননী নিঠুর হলে; কে বোঝে শিশুর বেদনা ।। 

ছেড়ে দে মা হতের বাঁধন 
যায় যেদিকে যায় দুই নয়ন 
পরের মাকে ডাকব এখন; তোর গৃহে আর থাকব না ।। 

যে না বোঝে ছেলের বেদন 
সেই ছেলের মার বৃথা জীবন 
বিনয় করে বলছে লালন; কাঁদছে সে করে করুণা ।। 

Lyrics: Lalon Fakir. 
Music: Lalon Fakir. 
Singer: Abhijit Barman 
Movie: Moner Manush 2010 


I promise holding your feet mother. 
I'd steal milk cream never any further, please do not thrash me, mother. 

For mere milk cream, today, 
You thrashed me, my arms you tie . 
O'mother you don't have any mercy, is now clear with this behavior. 

When a kid is beaten by stranger. 
He rushes crying to his mother. 
Now if heart-less is the mother; who'll feel the pain of the youngster. 

Please untie my arms mother. 
Let me go away wherever. 
I'll find some other mother, in your house I'll stay never. 

Who doesn't feels pain of her youngster! 
Vain is the life of that mother. 
So the kid humbly utters, says sorry as he weeps over. 

© Translation in English by Deepankar Choudhury.


For understanding of this song a few myths regarding Hindu religion must be known which I am trying to explain in brief for my non-Indian, non-Hindu readers. 

1> The three primary Gods of Hindus are 
(a) Brahma - the creator. 
(b) Vishnu - the preserver. 
(c) Shiva - the destroyer. 

Whenever chaos overtakes calm, Vishnu-the preserver descended on the earth, to restore normalcy, in one form or another, referred to as "avatars-reincarnations of Vishnu or Narayana. 

According to Geet Govinda( The most popular anecdote of Vishnu in Bengal)by Jaydeva; ( there are other texts too but since Lalon Shah (Fakir) was influenced by this, discussion on them is beyond scope of this article) these are the ten avatars (reincarnations) of Vishnu. 

Satya Yuga 

1>Matsya (Fish) 
2>Kurma (Tortoise) 
3>Varaha (Boar) 
4>Narasimha (Half man-half lion) 

Treta Yuga 
5> Vamana ( The dwarf) 
6> Parasurama (The warrior with axe) 
7> Rama ( The ideal monarch) 

Dwapar Yuga 
8> Balarama (Elder brother of Krishna -the transcendental god) 

9> Budhha ( The renouncer ) 
10> Kalki ( The eternity) 

The question is 
"Why Lord Krishna is NOT among these?" 
"Krishnasya Bhgnasya Swayam." says Jaydev in Geet Gobinda. 
i.e. Lord Krishna is 'the God himself.' 

And to establish this the lord made lot of efforts. 
The poets recorded all these. 
The total advents and efforts of Bhagwana to hide his identity and behave as human. 
1> The vivid description of his childhood. 

2> The vivid description of his promiscuity in youth. 

But he failed miserably due to these incidents. 
1>Pootna Vadh 
2> Kalia Daman. 
And finally 
3> Atma Prakash at Kurukshetra delivering sermons to Arjuna. (Bhagwad Geeta) 

Therefore poets since ancient times of Soordas, & Tulsidas, Meerabai (medieval times) to modern poets like Lalon Shah lovingly described childhood of Lord Krishna in their songs and compositions. 

This is one of them. 
With warm regards. 
Deepankar Choudhury.